I used to sew and stop. Now I am back on sewing for good. I would like to send messages to people who are seeking for life and what to do with it.

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Where to buy doTERRA frankincense essential oil?

I was visiting a fabric store the other day and I saw that there were doTERRA essential oils on a di …

“Feminine” or “Feminism” – which fashion is more illustrating women’s nature?

Which type of woman are you; who wants to be “feminine” or “feminism”? Which …

Cancer doesn’t exist so no need sewing chemo caps from patterns

I have made a chemo cap for my mom when she had the first chemo therapy. Her hair started to loose a …

Interior Decorating Program is not worth taking here’s why

If you are wondering what design programs to take at a college, what you need to look for is where t …

Who designs luxury priced Milliken Carpets patterns?

If you are an interior designer or decorator, you probably hard about Milliken & Company which s …

Dirty secrets of KonMari method behind Netflix

Pexels / Pixabay   Marie Kondo (近藤麻理恵) who is known from Netflix reality show “Tyding Up …

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