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To know Satanism and the spirit world are the only way to solve all the problems you have


The world we live in has been corrupted more than ever.

People’s lives have been tough enough to be sensitive to the price of a cup of coffee.

Wages are low, inflation is there, rent is high, tax is getting higher and pension might not be reliable anymore. What’s next?

I couldn’t help but wonder what is the purpose of our lives and why people are facing all kinds of problems.

For some who like to think all the problems are created by the governments, that is true for the most part especially the heavy taxes on the shoulder of people.

The world is controlled by the people in secret societies who don’t pay taxes but living off them. They use their connection to control and govern countries and people in the world.

In other words, if you don’t have the connection, you won’t be famous let alone be rich.

For years of our lives, we have been influenced by the thoughts of those rich people from the media, like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, to name a few and Hollywood stars.

And we were to believe making money is the way to be successful and get fame along with the money that can buy everything you want kind of traps.

Making money easy is meant to work for a few who have that connection but not for most of us.

I came to understand this when I was watching a show on Netflix “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” that a Japanese woman who is a consultant for cleaning visiting people’s houses in the US with her translator.

Dirty secrets of KonMari method behind Netflix

I realized something at the moment.

This Japanese woman, Marie Kondo who doesn’t speak English has a show on Netflix… She must have a strong connection to Netflix which has a selection of programs with right-wing thought.

I had been also watching health-related topics on Netflix.

Lots of them were criticizing western medication and endorsing eastern medication, natural remedies and a vegan lifestyle.

Influenced by the thoughts, I was even thinking to get a certificate of naturopath consultant to make living as I was really convinced that alternative medicine is good and western medicine is bad by watching many documentaries on Netflix.

And then I was about to choose the school of being a naturopath consultant, I encountered a Rapt blog (in Japanese).

Extream health and environmental movements are the scams which are created by Satanism.

When I first read that title, I was like what is Satanism??? But as the title of the article was different to what I was familiar with and I felt that there might be some secrets in it.

After reading that article, I decided not to go back to the school of naturopath consultant. It didn’t take much time to give up when something cleary made sense though I was seriously looking for a way to make living.

Since then, I stopped reading conspiracy theories and watching Youtube channels except how to make something (recipes and crafts).

I have started to read many articles from Rapt blog on various topics; politics, history, art & culture, health and more.

The way he discloses how the system in the world works and how he describes the various topics by building theories are just beyond human work.

Many famous conspiracy theorists who only disclose one side stories and fight against another side of stories of mainstream media, what I got out of them was the confusion and fear.

On the other hand, I got uncluttered from the web of information and got enough knowledge to distinguish and judge what information is right or wrong from Rapt blog.

I realized that the conspiracy theories which I thought they were somewhat true at one point didn’t contain the TRUTH.

In fact, it was just a power shift of the people in the secret society, which consists of the emperor, royal families and the governments of western countries.

The truth is TRUTH cannot be found in mainstream media (left) nor conspiracy theories (right).

The truth is none of them. They are divided into large two groups and fighting each other and making people involve their fight.

American presidency of 2016 showed exactly this situation of the fight of two big groups against each other, made people support by their votes.

What mutual thing has done by mainstream media and conspiracy theorists is to hide the TRUTH.

To know the truth, we need to understand what exactly they have been hiding.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth, Pope XVI and Steven Herpar (former Prime Minister of Canada) were arrested by killing 50,000 indigenous children?

(from here: “Is there Satanism? About killing 50,000 children killed by Queen Elizabeth and Pope XVI”)

“There are 800,000 children are missing in the United States of America every year.”

“CIA builds the network of children kidnapping and human trafficking to worship Satan, and the report of the research.”

Those high ranking people in this society have been doing this kind of horrible and unbelievable things behind the scene.

This shows what they have been hiding is the fact that they worship Satan and the children are the sacrifices for the rituals of Satanism.

I used to think that “there are no such an evil mind people out there in this world” but this mindset only making us blind to see the truth.

“There are evil-minded people out there.”

When I realized this fact clearly, I also realized how brainwashed I was not to question about these evil people.

In fact, the sad truth is we are deceived by these people to worship them especially those royal families.

Without worshiping something like Satan, no one with a sane mind wouldn’t be able to do such killing, don’t you agree?

This is the key to find the truth.

People are already brainwashed and do everything as the ways that Satanism has created.

Famous conspiracy theorists are an example of another layer of brainwashing.

Rapt blog disclosed the truth that is in this spirit world, the world of myth as we cannot see.

But this is the world hidden by the people in the secret society as in Satanism otherwise they cannot control people and make money from them.

Therefore, we should know this world and understand how does it affect our lives so that we can help ourselves from traps and problems which are the creation of Satanism.

That being said, scams can be avoided, and problems can be solved by knowing how not to be manipulated by Satan’s thoughts.

I have been in the stage of life where questioning about what I should be doing to live my life somewhat meaningfully.

However, it ended up feeling trapped by the scams and getting confused by listening to those conspiracy theorists.

Once you get out of the maze, I know clearly now that everything was created by the Satanism thoughts.

Satanism thoughts are everywhere, and tempting; “Making money easy.” “Drinking to have fun.” “Enjoy sexual orientations” etc.

And making people away from thinking about the problems they are facing. The thoughts basically want people not to think (reality) but feel (illusion).

This is why the governments in western societies are endorsing LGBT, marijuana, self-help and veganism etc. today.

These movements remind me of the hippie in the ’60s. Free sex, drugs, vegetarian, yoga and meditation, exactly the same things.

The message is basically “don’t think about the problem as you are suffering, just enjoy and feel the moment”.

It sounds nice to most of us but if we think about it for a moment we may realize if we don’t face a problem, it won’t be solved. That is a simple fact.

This is part of their agenda that makes us not think is clearly described in the link below.

“Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion • A.K.A • Rothschild’s 25 Point Plan For World Domination”

John Lennon himself as an endorser of hippie was part of them yet he realized the insanity of those people.

“John Lennon – Our Society Is Run By Insane People”

The mutual things above all are worshiping Satan and the thoughts are created based on going against Christianity.

This Christianity is also destroyed by the Vatican was the biggest surprise for me when I read about it from Rapt blog.

“Christianity is destroyed by Satanism and the detailed history.”

“A big lie is Christianity is born from Mitra.

I have never read the Bible before and I have never known anything about Christianity but knowing more about it through Rapt blog, I come to realize the biggest loss of human life has been not having the truth, therefore, we are living in this corruption.

What people today think of Christianity isn’t based on the truth, in fact, it is manipulated the meaning of preaching and focusing on the miracles which add some skeptical feeling to some people.

Moreover, we were to believe to celebrate Christmas as Jesus Christ’s birthday (when there is no such statement in the bible) is the Vatican creation. People celebrate a wrong God (“Mitra(wiki)”) without knowing it.

The fake religion-based celebration became an opportunity to make money from people buying gifts to start, and the religions are tide with politics which thoughts are the cult religion of Satanism.

Halloween is worse. The below video shows the Halloween ritual of human sacrifice by former Satanist.

Surprisingly enough, Satanism actually has been reading the bible of Christianity very well and manipulated its meaning so that there is no saviour for people but confusion.

It’s all designed by them.

The leaders of most churches, therefore, cannot explain what is the meaning of God is love.

Instead, tell people “He loves you. So don’t worry.” kind of nonsense and makes people wonder “if there is God, why we have wars and corruptions?”

That is exactly the truth they have been hiding from us and make us wonder about God and his presence.

When I realized there are evil people out there who worship Satan from Rapt blog, and the fact that they are trying to hide about God convinced me enough of God’s presence.

This is the secret that has never been disclosed by mainstream media nor conspiracy theories.

Because both of them are worshipping Satan or working with the thoughts or making money off them by going against God who is the true saviour for people.

In other words, if people have been believing in God, there is no chance for Satanism to make money.

So without discussing this spirit world where we cannot see, it is nonsense to talk about politics nor religions.

In this corrupted world today, what people want to know isn’t the one side story but how to live with hope and happiness in this Satanism thought dominated world.

Rapt blog is teaching us what to do in order to live in this corruption gives us hope.

It teaches us how not to be trapped by Satan’s thoughts (to be a slave of him) whatever we do in our lives. Sex, alcohol and money are the most dangerous traps by the thoughts.

Many of Rapt blog readers are listening to him and reading the bible and realize how the world really works and how to live it through clearly.

This is the only way for us to change our polluted mind from Satan’s thoughts and we will get answers to the questions and solutions to the problems we are facing.

Knowing the truth is also having the strength in us that anyone can have by believing the truth.

It doesn’t require fighting with an enemy. So politics isn’t the solution. Talking about politics without talking about religions is actually nonsense.

This world is all about fighting with Satanism who worship Satan and inspired by Satan’s thoughts.

If we can understand that everything should become making sense.

Rapt blog is the only blog to give us information on how to live our life happy in this corrupted world.

I really hope for people to find this truth and live well and be happy.

Rapt blog – the way to the truth

The best way to cure cancer is to stop watching TV.


Have you ever wonder why cancer patients are increasing when we are told that we have advanced medical technologies?

There is so much information available today yet, how many of us are just confused about which to believe?

I was one of them and more I searched more I got confused… until I encountered Rapt blog.

The Rapt theories have taught me so much of the blind spots no one has talked about and beyond.

My research has started about cancer when my mom got leukemia. She had to stay in a hospital for many months in fact, it ended up a year and three months in total for the course of chemotherapies within 3.5 years.

There is so much information about cancer that I was confused at first especially different specialists say different things.

Regular doctors are recommending surgeries, chemotherapies, radiation treatments and hormone pills etc.

Dr. Axe, “founded the website DrAxe.com, which is one the top natural health websites in the world today” is blogging about “10 Natural Cancer Treatments Revealed

1. The Gerson Therapy and Juicing
2. The Budwig Protocol
3. Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy
4. Vitamin C Chelation
5. Frankincense Essential Oil Therapy
6. Probiotic Foods and Supplements
7. Sunshine and Vitamin D3
8. Turmeric and Curcumin
9. Oxygen Therapy and Hyperbaric Chambers
10. Prayer and Building Peace

Richard Koshimizu, a conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones has been saying that cancer can be treated if the blood in your body is cleaned, no need to get surgeries.

Which one is to choose if you are told you have cancer?

Where is the scientifical proof they like to use for their benefit?

Speaking of scientifical proof I have a story to share.

I had visited my mom in the hospital for the first time for six months in 2013. Every time when I entered her room I had to wear a gown, a cap (like a shower cap) and change my shoes to rubber sandals when I was only allowed to see her for 30 min as she was in a cleanroom.

It was just making me feel what a serious disease my mom got. I was scared.

A year and a half later, in 2015 when my mom had to go back to the hospital, the rule wearing gown thing was no longer there because of lacking scientifical information.

How convincing is it what they do in the medical industries.


Yet, people don’t question it and just believe the doctor…


So most people today probably choose the first option as my mom did, going to a hospital and get surgeries, radiation and chemotherapies or all of them.

As we were taught… from media such as TV and newspapers, or maybe from school and the company we work for.

Go to see a doctor. Go to get a checkup. Go to get a flu shot.

Most of us just follow as told as we blindly believe the governments.


What people have to realize is that TV or newspaper, the media don’t tell the truth. In fact, they are the tools for governments to brainwash people what to think and what not to think.

Using an example of cancer is that media often talk about celebrities and Hollywood stars have cancer or died of cancer etc.

What this means they use these stars to make news out of cancer and make people scared of it and make money from the situation.

When they are unconsciously programmed to be threatened by the news, they would go to the hospital more often which is a chance for a doctor to find cancer or let people buy insurance policy etc.

When my mom got leukemia, my sister wanted to buy a cancer insurance policy for me when I didn’t really care to buy one.

Thus depends on the source of information your reaction would be different.

My sister receives information through the mainstream media.

I haven’t watched TV nor read the major newspapers.


When people are told that they have cancer by a doctor, they would think that getting surgeries, radiation treatments and chemotherapies are the only options the ones that governments endorse.

Some people may try natural ways but most people are designed to think already they want to get the treatment of which most people would choose.

People don’t even question the safety let alone the necessity of it.

What if cancer doesn’t exist to start with?

“There is no disease like cancer.”




When I found the blog articles for the first time I was like “What the heck is going on???”

But after staring at the titles for a few seconds, I instinctively thought this is it. This is the truth.

Maybe most people would say, no, that’s not true.

And they may wonder what bases a doctor would diagnose as cancer if there is no such disease.

We all possibly have tumours in human histories but that doesn’t mean it is “cancer” which would take away one’s life.

In fact, some doctors said it is a man-made disease.


It would be hard for most people to believe but media lies that what they do and meant for the benefit of the people in the secret society.

In fact, they are greedy and they worship Satan which probably too much to comprehend for most of us.

But when I realize that there are real evil people out there, many corruption like wars, for instance, started to make sense.

No one wants wars, but they do to make fortune from them.


To make it easier for you to know about Satanism, here is the example that I found from the Rapt blog, the court order from Brussels against Queen Elizabeth, Pope 16th, and Steven Harper, former Canadian Prime minister for killing 50,000 indigenous children in Canada.


Yet, they are not in jail and still living their life worshiping Satan.

Why the news has never been broadcasted? Is because they own the media. Of course, they don’t let people know the evil things they are doing behind the scene.

Do you still believe what you hear from TV?


So you see, any movements which are broadcast heavily are the creation of Illuminati, the Satanism.

Feminism, hippie, LGBT, veganism, environmental issues…

They want us to fight each other while they make money.

Feminism vs men
Hippie, LGBT vs Christianity
Veganism vs people who eat meat
Environmental activist vs brainwashed people

An election is just a show of Illuminati. Whoever wins, whichever party wins, we are still under the same control and a slave of them.

The biggest secret I found from the Rapt blog that made me believe Rapt is the truth is that Christianity today is destroyed by the Vatican, the Satanism.

(The court order above even shows some high-ranking people from United Church and Anglican Church were one of them.)

The Vatican was afraid of Christianity to spread in the world, where it would have been good for people, but not for Satan.

So they invade Christian churches and manipulated their original teaching which one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, Peter preached.

And they make people be the Vatican creation Christianity or atheism to hide God and the bible which is the only teachings how people should be living.

Satanism read the bible well to go against it.

People today who are brainwashed about this truth and have been put away from learning about the spiritual world which is stated in the bible though people tend to understand Satan or evil, not God.

So the churches today which welcome everyone is the Vatican creation. They don’t teach people how to live life, what is God is love means, and how to be wise like God to be saved.

Instead, they make people believe God loves everyone so don’t think just feel, which is meaningless but work for Satanism who just wants human corruption.

They want people to be LGBT as they know that corruption in sexuality is the best way to lower the moral standards of people so that they will be away from being good as God.

The real religion is to divide right and wrong while Satan accepts anybody and uses people to work for him.

The real religion makes people wise, that wiseness comes from a realization.

Rapt gets this revelation for people who believe in God to have the realization. I was never a religious person as I was one of the atheism.

But since I started to listen to Rapt, understanding this corrupted system Christianity that Jesus Christ was the true saviour for people.


My life has been more awakening and I am certain that listening to him is the only way to live my life good and flourish.

People cannot help each other as much as God can.


People have to realize the fact that we live in a world where Satanism control. But anybody can change this situation by winning over Satan spiritually.

This means when making money easy kind of offer comes and if you grab it you loose over Satan.

If you can say no to the somewhat tempting offer, you can win to Satan which means you will be saved from the slavery of Satan.

Winning Satan isn’t hard if you can accept and understand the spiritual world. In fact, “Everyone can change the world.” Rapt made a video as below.

I would highly recommend people to watch his videos and read his blog, even if you have to use translation.


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