(Please forgive me for my broken English, but I have to write to share messages that there may be someone who needs them.)

I recently wrote about staying healthy doesn’t cost anything when most of the bloggers are endorsing and selling something to stay healthy.

The hidden secret of staying healthy which doesn’t cost anything

I am not selling organic food nor expensive supplements, I am simply wanting to deliver the truth so that some people may be saved like I was saved.

What we have to aware is that any movements are created by design to divide people into a group so that it is easier for them to conquer (divide and conquer).

Today, I am writing about a recent popular group “veganism” and why Hollywood stars are endorsing it though it isn’t healthy for your body and mind.


Veganism is becoming popular in the last few years. In fact, we may be in a situation where someone in our family or relatives and friends are one of the followers already.

The recent news of the environmental activist 16-year-old girl from Sweden is claimed herself to be a vegan.

Since she is an environmental activist, she shouldn’t be frying so she travels by the boat owned by Rothchilds’ one of the richest Illuminati families.

If you follow conspiracy theories you probably sense this news to be a fraud as other globalist agenda.

Veganism is one of them.

I became aware of veganism and the lifestyle about 4 years ago when my mom was in a hospital getting corse of chemotherapies so that I was searching for information related to healthy food, lifestyle and any alternative medicines.

Veganism to me at that time seemed like the healthier way of living as many people started to talk about the benefit of it rather than the risk of it.

I’ve read blogs of vegan people like Jenny Musterd (Swedish) and Ryoya Takashima (Japanese) and I was impressed by how they have been having a vegan lifestyle so fashionable.

The fashion especially Jenny Musterd posted on her Instagram was linking to the upcoming fashion trend, is actually vulgar.

Also, I have researched a similar method such as macrobiotic, a theory that many hippies used to follow like John Lennon and Yoko Ono (are the Illuminati).

I tried it for a few months yet eating meat regularly (minimum amount) as I was getting skinny and feeling cold, meaning I didn’t find the macrobiotic diet is healthy at all.

Since I was into the health-conscious mind whatever that means, I started to shop vegetables organically grown or without harmful pesticides whatsoever.

I read levels when I shop so I became aware of the information relating to food very well. I visited shows and natural stores which happen to be in the same area where it used to sell marijuana, hippie movement relation.

As my research goes further, I got confused.  More information I get, more confusions come, was the situation.

In a real-world, more information we gain, it gets clearer, right?


My desire that I want to know the truth about a health topic, led me to watch many documentaries on Netflix as well.

Food choices
Food Inc.
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 1, & 2

Ok, eating meat is bad for your health and environment. Pharmaceutical companies are evil (yes, I agree they are) so that we should look for alternative way including organic, supplements and so on.

And then there are other documentaries to follow:

Root Cause

In fact, Ryoya Takashima, the Japanese vegan chef on Youtube who actually moved from near Tokyo to Kyoto as a health issue he faced.

He asked his channelar friend how to solve the issue was to move to Kyoto where one of the cult religious group which endorses no meat diet is here.

Also, he removed all silvers from his teeth as he learnt they are not good for our health which is exactly the situation illustrated in Root Cause.

And he started to taking supplements proved that a vegan lifestyle isn’t really healthy, is it?

It sounds cult religion belief to me.


Thus, I have leant that process food is bad, pesticides are bad, GMO is bad, silvers are bad and meat is bad, so many bad things out of the sudden.

And it is almost convincing and threatening that they are the cause of cancer especially to me whose mother died for leukemia.


That health-related information often led to conspiracy theories of politics that I was gathering information as well. Around the same time as America was campaigning for the next president in 2016, I started to listen to famous conspiracy theory talkers.

Again, I got more confused.

And my friend who had fought against breast cancer recommended to me to watch Heal in Netflix so I watched.

To my friend, it was somewhat worth watching and she realized that she had to take care of her emotions and stress more.

To me, it was awkward.  Something isn’t right. I smelled money-making fraud as in this documentary, a lady who has been having her life healthy drinking green juice and being vegetarian and doing yoga yet she was found that stage 4 cancer.


And then I finally found the answer through RAPT blog which is written by a Japanese guy who has been a Christian for 25 years.

“Cancer doesn’t exist”

“Extream health or environmental movements are fraud”

At first, because I was not a religious person, and there are many conspiracy theory talkers who make ends meet from the talk shows on Youtube, I thought RAPT is one of them.

But I felt something different by reading more and more of his articles which are well written and they are long in length so that if it doesn’t sound interesting and logically written I wouldn’t want to finish reading them, but I did for so many articles he wrote.

I was shocked at first, but after reading a couple of his articles I realized that my confusion got clearer so that there were no more clouds in my head.


The world we live in is controlled by one group of people “Illuminati” conformed with 13 families that they want to create One Country under NWO (new world order).

Yet, there is always a fight within the group, which family gets more or less from cancer right, vaccine right, oil right and diamonds and so on…

Rockefeller is a king of oil which is the biggest ingredients of western medicines.

Rothchilds is banks, possess lots of rights like diamonds.

Lee family is Asian looking one of the Illuminati families own the Japanese government and big corporations like Toyota.

They carry their bloodlines with the emperor who is also related to the North Korean leader etc.

They have done evil things over and over for many years. And the root of them is going back to thousands of years, ancestors of the Jewish who went against God.

They have invaded Christianity, created fake Christianity that many people somewhat belong to today.

We celebrate Christmas which we are taught the birthday of Jesus Christ is created by the Vatican.

There is no such statement in the bible, in fact, that is a start of its wrong teaching of Christianity manipulated by the Vatican.

In fact, December 25th is the birthday of Mitra, the satanism.

Halloween is the New Year’s of Witches and the symbols & decorations show the link to Satanism


Rapt Blog which is written by Rapt Nakamura who has read the bible over 40 times throughout, and 100 times for the new testament so that he was able to figure the corruptions in the history that led to coming up with Rapt theories, which just make sense.

And the motivation for him to figure most corruptions out is simply to save people. Unlike other conspiracy theory talkers who only talks about one side story and get paid, he had to do everything by himself by praying God.

For most of us who’s been watching mainstream media wouldn’t be able to believe it at first since what we have been hearing and taught in school are way too different than that.

Which means, we have lived our life in a layer of lies under the control of the Illuminati.

They own the media and they use Hollywood stars to endorse the movements.

Veganism, feminism, LGBT, and environmental issues are the categories they created for us to fit in somewhere to make us fight and money from it.

This is why the prime minister of Japan or Canada they are joining the LGBT parade for example. They use collected tax money from the people and use them such a thing.

They use Hollywood stars to endorse vegan, LGBT lifestyle and drags to destroy human morality.

Look at Canada.  The country is advanced for all these corruptions.

Children are under the society of control so that parents don’t own them the state does.


Illuminati is destroying human morality through cult religions and their actions and believes to make Satan happy.

In fact, they killed 50,000 indigenous children in Canada and found guilty yet they are not in Jail.

The International Common Law Court of Justice issued a court order can be seen in the link below.



Real Christianity is to define right or wrong clearly so that people can live their life right. I believe that is the truth people are seeking for.


A vegan lifestyle isn’t the answer to be a better person.

In fact, vegan is one of the brainwashed media fraud that cult religions created.

Why would you want to be a part of it and fight for Satan to flourish?


I was saved from becoming vegan and being a member of a cult religion.

Now I want to pass onto you who might have been considering being a vegan.