I was visiting a fabric store the other day and I saw that there were doTERRA essential oils on a display table.

I wonder fabric store carries doTERRA? And I thought that probably the owner of the fabric store does the doTERRA business as in network marketing.

I am not sure whether many people who come to the fabric store will also buy doTERRA essential oils but they may.

Or simply some may ask questions about doTERRA so that it would be a chance to introduce the essential oils.

I happen to know doTERRA as my friend buy the essential oils for her dog.

And she told me about frankincense, one of the best selling essential oils of doTERRA as its reputation of high quality.

Frankincense has been used for thousands of years. It appears in the bible many times in fact, it used to be used at Temples back in those days.

Today, Frankincense is used for anti-ageing purposes and some say that it cures diseases like cancer.

I used to believe these stories when I was into healthy living topics especially my mom died for leukemia.

I have read a lot about organic products, wheat belly, alternative medicine and natural remedies etc.

There must be some truth to them but I couldn’t fully be convinced.

I keep searching for the information online or visit shows/events which relate to healthy living.


Where to buy doTTERA frankincense essential oils?

doTTERA can be bought through a distributor of doTTERA who is not just a customer of but also doing the network marketing business which is to recommend and sell the essential oils to new and existing customers to get commissions.

If you do not know anybody who does doTTERA business then visit one of those shows like Green Living Show, Yoga show and National Home Show in Toronto.

Or similar kind of shows in your area. doTERRA business is worldwide. Check this out for the international market in the world.

Amazon is one of the online shopping sites you can find doTERRA products, too.


Does frankincense cure cancer?

There is information about frankincense online that some explain:

— (from Healthline) —

Frankincense oil has been linked to treatments for ovarian, breast, and skin cancers. Studies are generally done in vitro, or on cells in a laboratory. … Researchers in a 2009 study looked exclusively at frankincense oil derived from the Boswellia carteri species and assessed its anti-tumour activity on bladder cancer.


Though doTERRA received a warning letter from FDA as below.


— (doTerra – wikipedia) —

In 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an FDA Warning Letter to doTerra for allowing their distributors to market its products as possible treatments or cures for Ebola, cancer, autism, and other conditions in violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.



If an essential oils cure those diseases it would be a lot easier for people than going through chemotherapies with lots of side effects.

But it would be a loss for Western medication doctors and pharmaceutical big corporations.

It seems that in those health-related industries became big business and many people are making a living off them.


Cancer simply doesn’t exist which means no need for doTTERA frankincense

Though doTERRA essential oils seemed interesting to try them out, I couldn’t fully be convinced and purchase it.

For one, I wasn’t sick at all.
For two, it was expensive (around $120 Canadian dollars).
For three, it is a network marketing business so if you start buying them, you may get calls from the upline whom you purchase from every month to buy more or you may be pushed to recommend to your friends and family.

And I found a blog called “Rapt blog” and one of the article’s title shocked me yet, I felt that everything comes to make sense:

”Cancer doesn’t exist”

It may take time and information to make sense but to me, had been observed my mom had a course of chemotherapies and because of that I read a lot even including conspiracy theories.

I had seen enough from the time my mom was in the hospital and realized that we live in such a dirty secret society.

Anyone talks about “this is good for cancer” doesn’t mean they do care about people who have cancer in fact, they are just making money from one’s situation, weakness and diseases.

Rapt blog disclosed not only “cancer doesn’t exist” but also so many lies we have been taught to believe. It is not funny but makes sense.

Unfortunately, Rapt blog is in Japanese but I have learnt even how to understand things, right or wrong from this blog.

If I summarize the biggest message from Rapt blog, what you hear from mainstream media is layers of lies.  Our opinions are not really our opinions but the creation of the 13 rich families (elite, establishment, globalism) in the world who want to control us.

Where to buy doTTERA frankincense? I would say there is no need to buy it.

When we know cancer is just another business, any companies which claim their products cure cancer is a scam in my opinion.

If you want to buy a frankincense anyway whatever purposes, this is what I used to buy. It smells really nice and I felt it does work for anti-ageing.



I do hope that people wake up from the lies and live healthy without gathering wrong information and paying too much money for the things we don’t really need.