I have made a chemo cap for my mom when she had the first chemotherapy.

Her hair started to lose about a month after she had had chemotherapy in her body.

I thought it would be better to make a chemo cap in organic cotton as they are soft for her scalp.  I went to a fabric store and purchased a few patterns of organic cotton.

And then I looked for a pattern online.  I don’t remember which one I used but it has 6 pieces to sew together front and back.

It is very easy you can just make it in an hour or two.

But… I have recently learned very shocking news which makes sense to me after all, three years after my mom passed away.

“Chemotherapy is the cause of death, not cancer.”

According to Shunsuke Funase, a Japanese Journalist specialized in environmental issues, the ingredient of chemotherapy is “mustard gas” which is a chemical weapon used by Nazis during WW2.

And then…

”Nuclear nor atomic bomb doesn’t exist.”


”Cancer doesn’t exist.”



“What? What? What?”


At first, I couldn’t just believe it. But they started making sense to me since I now clearly understand the system we live in.

Simply said, medical industries and every industry are controlled by Illuminati (globalism, establishment, elite, royal families including emperor and politicians).

Do you know who makes money from the Red Cross for example?

Trusted doctors may not know the system but how to use the chemical weapon as chemotherapy.

It makes sense doctors don’t know anything about food nor nutrition.

For those people who have been listening to mainstream media on TVs and newspapers, this would sound crazy and they don’t want to understand what was explained here.

But I have no intention to offend people but helping them by sharing true information.

When my mom was in a hospital I research leukemia my mom had and related information.

And also I was questioning the chemotherapies but every one of my family including my mom didn’t want to challenge her doctor.

They worried about offending him…
They wanted to believe her doctor… is easier than waking up from the lies we have made to believe them our entire life.

I was hopeless and useless that I wasn’t convincing enough to make my family question about the information we are given today is all fake.

In fact, we are well brainwashed by the media and politics.  They want to control our way of thinking so that they make money off us.

I used to think there are no such evil people in the world. But let me tell you, they exist and create rules on their benefits and taxes you whatever you do in life.

People have lied enough to believe governments are doing something good for us was exactly the mindset they plan us to think.

Whether you believe or not, imagine, you don’t need chemotherapy which you know you will be suffering from the side effects.

My mom couldn’t eat for a month and lost 15 kg.

My father paid for her cost in the hospital wasn’t that cheap.

At my mom’s end, she had to have a transfusion every week so that the emperors’ family make fortune out of it.

My mom and women in her generation worship the princess…

My friend who had breast cancer said,

”I’m glad I was in Canada so that the chemotherapies didn’t cost me anything. Otherwise, I couldn’t get the chemotherapies.”

She was told by her friend in Japan, who also had breast cancer,

”I cannot afford chemotherapies. So I would only change my diet.”

Which is the better situation for you?

I would choose no chemotherapies as I believe cancer doesn’t exist.

It is not about technical information that only doctors understand.  It is about admitting the fake world we are living in and understanding the system we are living in was controlled by those rich people.

People believed “rich become richer.”

So, why should we spend time in hospitals and spend money on chemotherapies so that the rich family makes money more off you?

Because this is the world and the system we live in, we cannot be ignorant of what is happening around us.

Stop believing “government don’t lie.”

Remember all they do is lying.

That is the sad truth. We don’t want to be a victim of it.

So, you don’t need to make a chemo cap either. How simple solution is that?


If this is too much to take in, please do your research before getting chemotherapies at least.


I wish I had found the Rapt theories back then when my mom was diagnosed as leukemia.

My journey of finding the truth started from the time my mom was in the hospital in 2013.

My mom passed away in 2016.

I found the Rapt blog in 2019.

It took 6 years for me but I finally feel I found the truth.


Unlike other conspiracy theories, Rapt theories make sense.

And I can tell this is the truth.

He was able to find out the truth as he believes in God, make an effort to love him, and read the Bible hundreds of times.

Now after 25 years of him struggling and making an effort of his life for the love of God, he is now receiving God’s messages.

He is Christian but not under the Vatican nor Jesuits.

(Note: Most Christian churches are under the Vatican which is part of the system. They are worshiping satan.)

That is why he was able to figure out what is right and wrong.

I was never a religious person so it was hard for me to understand this in the beginning. But reading many of Rapt’s articles, I couldn’t deny the existence of God and the chaos we live in.

This is why, unlike other conspiracy theories, Rapt provides messages on what we can do and how to live in such a chaotic world.



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