I used to sew and stop. Now I am back on sewing for good. I would like to send messages to people who are seeking for life and what to do with it.


I hope that the world will be fulfilled with a peace based on the truth, not the one created by the elites in secret societies.

We live in a world where freedom is taken away from our lives.

We have been serving those elites in secret societies through working for the big corporations they own, the governments they control, or through our own small businesses that do not make money but pay bills and all kinds of taxes.

Yet many people have made to believe that governments are taking care of us, kind of illusion.

So that they can manipulate us through the mainstream media they own which broadcast news and events only for the things they want us to know that shape our mind what to think.

This is why everyone who watches TV and major newspapers will be fit in situations and categories the elites have created.

And we fight each other for them while they make money from the situations.

Wars between countries, terrorists against journalists, racism against different races, feminism against men, LGBT against pastors, veganism against those who eat animal products, and atheism vs religions, etc.

We are meant to be in one of those groups by design and fight against each other.

Why would you contribute to the fight?

Only to satisfy their greed.  They are greedy, they want more and they want to control us like in one of those days in Babylon.

The truth is we all are the victims of the elites of the secret society.

I would like to blog the truth and what to do with it to have a truly happy life for the people who are seeking the truth.

“Everything happens for a reason”.  We need to be aware of what is happening around us to realize the message = the truth.


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