I started out blogging when my mom was in the hospital.

I was looking for some information about her disease and cure that led me to start searching for food and related industries.

During that time, I learnt that there is so much corruption in the system we live in.

There have been so many evil deeds done by the elites. In fact, what they have done is too evil to comprehend for most of us.

Yet, the media has never broadcasted about it. This is how we have been deceived by the media for quite a long time.

I know most of us do not believe there are such evil people out there who control us.

I have been seeking the truth and it took a while for me to find it, and in fact, I was about to give up “There might not be a saviour for us.”

That was when I encountered a blog called “Rapt”.

In the blog, he wrote about many events, incidents and accidents which were caused by the elites who control the world.

He built the theory, explaining how an event happens for what reason and intention in a logical and simple manner.

Finally, I found the truth. The truth is something that I didn’t expect that exists.

But the Rapt blog proved it.

I have been a child of questioning, but no-one has given me answers in a way that makes sense to me.

Now I know why.

All the questions I used to have finally made sense.

My purpose in writing a blog from now on is telling the truth I found from the Rapt blog and hope to be a bridge for people who are seeking the truth.