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Why I Choose Natural Skin Care Products Over Chemical Ones

Natural or chemical.

Which do you prefer to apply to your skin?

How do you choose skin care products?  There are much information out there and they can be confusing.  I think all those information is something that you refer to and think what works for you.  So you get to decide what you believe and what you do not.  Some may prefer dermatologist recommended products while others prefer all natural.

I will share my stories and experiences to think about.


Steroids Made My Skin Thinner

In my twenties, I had terrible hay fever.  My nose was running, my eyelids were swollen, my eyes were itchy and watery, and my facial skin was looking reddish especially my forehead and jawline.  These symptoms appeared end of January through the end of April.  I used to suffer from it for three months every year for about 7 years.

Earlier I went to see a dermatologist in my neighbourhood.  He gave me a cream to put on and antipruritic pills.  First few days, it seemed that the cream and pills were working but after that, the symptoms came back.  I was working at the office at that time but I could not focus on my job.  I had to stop it.

I found another dermatologist whom I was referred by my friend.  He had a good reputation in the area I was working.  He asked me what I was given from the previous dermatologist so I told him I got steroid cream and antipruritic pills.  He said to me my forehead skin got thinner with the steroid so it became more sensitive.

He gave me a cream for sensitive skin and for the reaction from hay fever.  Oh my god!  This worked really well so that I went back to pick up more for a couple of years.  From this, I learn that not only steroids don’t cure the symptoms but also it gets worse.


I Became Makeup Junkie

As the years went by, my symptoms of hay fever had been calming down.  I started to enjoy putting makeup on my face that I couldn’t have enjoyed for years.  I even took a course to be a makeup artist.  I don’t know what I was thinking.

I was using cleansing, toner, moisturizer, primer, foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, cheek powder, lip balm and lip gloss, 13 products used in the morning only.

Sometimes I bought skin care from the same brand and other times they were from different brands.  I have tried many cosmetic items till I found something I really like.

I didn’t even know what kind of chemical reactions were happening on my facial skins.  I just wanted to be pretty and find a man I could go out with.  Was I pretty with full of makeup?  I don’t think so.  My skin condition wasn’t good.  I just tried to hide my facial skin problems with full of chemicals that could have only made worse.


I Couldn’t Afford Expensive Cosmetics Anymore

In my mid-thirties, I mad a decision to come to Canada and go back to school.  All the money I earned and saved before was now used for my tuition, rent, food and other bills to pay.  I couldn’t afford expensive cosmetics anymore.

It was actually a good thing.  I reduced items to put on my skin, just basics.  I used to keep buying a new product before the finish.  But I stop doing that and buy a product when the one I was using run out.

There were many sleepless nights because of the assignments or presentations, I didn’t have much time or I used all my time going to school, attending school and doing assignments.  I didn’t eat well, no time to cook.  One night, I had hives from instant noodles and pre-made macaroni salad I ate for supper.  Needless to say, my skin condition was not pretty.


My Mom Got Sick Changed My Life

After graduate school, I started working.  I started to cook again and do some skin care maintenance kept simple but every day.  I was doing fine till the phone call I received from my sister, “Mom got sick and it’s leukemia”.

I went back right away and visit my mom in her hospital straight from the airport.  She was going to get a course of chemotherapies from the next day.  From this day, I read books and articles online which related to leukemia to start, chemotherapy and its side-effects, radiation, chemicals in food and skincare or makeup, whatever related to toxic chemicals.

This was my wake-up call.  I started to reduce chemical intake from food and skin care.  I carefully read labels, their ingredients.  Since I am not a scientist, I don’t know all the names of food chemicals.  So what I had done and have been doing since was simply not to buy any food if the labels listed up with loads of chemicals.

Also, I started to buy organic or no-pesticides vegetables and fruits at natural food stores.  By repeating shopping at these stores and reading labels over and over, I became familiar with some of the names and was able to buy safer option.  My skin condition is very good since.


Nothing Beats Natural Ingredients

Some has said to me that chemicals are needed a product to work and preservatives are needed to keep the freshness.  Some has said to me that natural oils work with the power of nature and will last for a long time without preservatives.

I see a point from both stances.  My stance is still leaning towards to natural.  Some chemical may be needed temporarily but I stick to natural for products which I consume every day.

I don’t shop by brand names nor certified organic, vegan and gluten-free.

I shop for natural ingredients.  Organic is always a bonus.


Let me know if you have questions about this article or please share your opinion!  Thank you 😉

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