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Organic Cotton Bandana Caps Review – Hair Loss from Chemotherapy

For those people who had chemotherapy may have looked for a cap for hair loss.  I haven’t had a chemotherapy but I had purchased this cap for my mom who had leukemia.  She had to go through a course of chemotherapies and she ended up staying in the hospital for six months for the first time.

Her doctor explained to us the procedures of the chemotherapies.  One of the side effects was losing hair, which often times it is a big deal for a woman.  I started to look for a cap for my mom.  I wasn’t sure how my mom would react to it as I couldn’t have imagined how terrifying it would have been for her to experience losing hair.

I have purchased a few different styles and waited the best time to ask her if she wanted to wear one or not.  When her hair started falling, I asked her if she wanted one.  She said yes so I brought them to her.  Out of a few styles, this one which I am going introduce you today was her favourite.

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Product Overview

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Product: [charm] Organic Cotton Bandana Caps on Casual Box

Price: C$25.64 (2,160 yen)

Rank: 4.54 (12,863) for Casual Box

Size: One size (from kids to adult), Adjustable

Available Colour from Rakuten: Light gray, Dark gray, Navy


  • Made in Japan
  • Organic cotton 99%
  • Soft texture
  • Good for chemotherapy patients
  • Good fitting
  • Good design for people who works at a cafe


3 Reasons My Mom Like This Cap

1) It fitted well

Unlike the other regular cap style I have purchased, this cap was the most comfortable fitting for her as she could adjust the looseness she wanted.  It captured hair fallen out inside of the cap so easy to remove that fallen hair.

2) Organic cotton was soft for her scalp and breathable

Once her hair started to fall, her skin of the scalp started to expose so she liked to feel the softness of the material.  Also, she had been sweating from the side effect sometimes so she didn’t want to wear a cap in a thick material.  This cap was perfect for her as the material was breathable and the thickness was just right.  The other style I got for her was too thick (it was not really thick but she felt too hot) for her especially, she had been laying in her hospital bed for a long time.


3) Good design

She got compliments about the cap she was wearing from her roommates and nurses.  When that happened she was proudly saying “My daughter got it for me”.  It was really nice for my mom to chat about other than the scary side effects to fight against.


Timing to Prepare A Chemo Cap

My mom’s leukemia treatment was done like this, in a clean room in the hospital where the only family (no babies and little kids) could visit, for a week, every day, she got chemotherapy to suppress excess numbers of white blood cells.  After that, she had examined her recovery of white blood cells every 3-4 weeks.  One chemotherapy course took about 4-6 weeks.  She had this chemotherapy for 4 times in 6 months.

It depends on the person’s condition and amount of chemotherapy taken but from my experience, I would say, it would be good to prepare this kind of cap 2-3 weeks after from the day chemotherapy started for someone who has similar treatment as my mom.

Like my mom who was treated in a clean room, she could not have gone outside during this treatment until her white blood cell goes above a certain number.  So I took an initiative to list up what she might have needed and wanted and got them from stores.

It would be better to wash the caps first before bringing in to a hospital.  I got two of them and a few of the other styles so that I could bring some caps back home and wash while she wore something else.


Showing You Care About Yourself or Loved One

Spending time in a hospital consumes lots of energy as we are dealing with one of the difficult situations in life.  I wish I didn’t have to experience the most painful experience in my life.  However, I did what I could have helped for my mom to feel better staying in the hospital.  It was a teamwork between my mom and me.

Unfortunately, my mom had to have this course of chemotherapies for 3 times; each time took a couple of months.  And she couldn’t make it through…

The only comfort I have today is that I was able to be there for her and show I care about her in different ways including finding this cap.


Let me know if you have questions regarding my recommendation of the cap.  I hope this article helps for someone who is fighting against the side effects of chemotherapies or someone in the same situation where I was in.

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