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Lose Weight Without Trying Hard

Losing weight.  It is becoming one of the biggest discussion in the western modern lifestyles.  Our food has changed from its ancestor’s, and our lifestyle has changed from slow to too fast.  We are living in the times when we eat fast food or processed food as we do not have time and we are constantly busy.  And we get fat and sick.

What I think we need to lose weight in this situation is to discipline ourselves.  Like you are an entrepreneur who needs to create daily schedule what to do and what to achieve.  If you want to lose weight we have to create plans for a daily pattern to help us follow and discipline.  After trying that for a while, it becomes routine then you will just need to keep doing the same thing.  Sounds pretty simple, isn’t it?

I am going to share with you how to lose weight without trying hard like fasting, being vegan and no carbohydrate etc.  If you are feeling a little heavy, let’s try this!

1. Eat Moderate

eat moderate
I was talking about this in the previous article (4 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy – Balanced Diet) and I think this is very important but not many people realize it.  You can still eat but I suggest eating moderate amount by it means Harahachibunnme = 80% of your stomach.  You stop eating just before you are feeling full.  This way, it will be easier for your stomach to digest food without putting burden.

In addition, eat moderately and only when you are hungry. If you are at a restaurant and a big portion of the meal is served, stop before you are full.  All you need to do is not to over-eat.

2. No Modern Wheat But Still Eat Bread

no modern wheat eat bread

Many people are may on a low carb diet to lose weight.  Especially for those white bread which are made out of modern wheat cause digestion issues.  Modern wheat has been around for a while since the 1930’s; the green revolution to increase agricultural productions.  This modern wheat seems that make people sick.

In fact, my partner used to have a bloated belly and fart a lot.  I figured that it was probably wheat belly situation by eliminating modern wheat for about 10 days.  He used to eat a lot of baked goods with modern wheat and fart a lot.

I have researched and changed from those modern wheat products to rye bread and ancient wheat products such as kamut or spelt which still contain gluten but easier to digest and they are rich in fiber, protein, and magnesium, etc.  After that, he farts less in my observation.

All you need to do is not eating modern wheat.  You can still eat bread in different kinds of wheat.

3. Stay Away From Processed Food

no process food

As many people know today that process food is not good for you.  Have you ever looked at labels listed ingredients are used to produce the package of so-called food?  If you have, you must have surprised that there are so many different names for “sugar” such as corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, lactose, and glucose etc.  And there are so many names like canola, palm, soy (lectin)  and corn which are more likely GMOs unless we choose non-GMO or organic products.

All you need to do is to switch these processed foods to something more organic or natural ingredients products and reduce the amount of intake those sugars.  I still consume “sugar” but only maple syrup, brown or cane sugar (organic) at home.

4. Cook More at Home

cook at home

There are many merits cooking and eating at home.  You can control the amount you eat (moderate).  You can choose what kind of grains you want to consume rather than having higher chance to eat modern wheat for a snack at a coffee shop or for breakfast at a restaurant.  You can stay away from processed foods that you do not know what are in them.

When you dine out at a restaurant, these things are hard to avoid; a big portion of the meal is served, cheap GMO canola oil is used to cook, white sugar, MSG or other food chemicals are used to make food tasty easy.  Therefore, quality of food is always questionable.

All you need to do is to spend some time for grocery shopping and select simple, natural and quality foods for you to cook at home.


In my opinion, it doesn’t take too much complication needed to lose a few pounds.  Like listed above, they are very simple and easy ways.  No hard diet choices are needed.  Just cook frequently at home, do consume something natural and eat moderate amount; that’s all.

Once you are able to discipline yourself this simple way, you will see a difference in your body.

6 thoughts on “Lose Weight Without Trying Hard”

  1. Great article! I think more people need to read stuff like this. I was skinny when I was young and I could eat and drink what ever I wanted. As I got older and me life style changed I gained a few pounds. For years I told myself I would exercise. Life just kept getting in the way. Then I started changing what I ate and cut out dairy and large portions of meat. I ate more veggies. I lost 20 lbs without trying. I think a lot of us forget what we were taught as kids about healthy eating.
    Thank for this.

    1. Thank you for reading this. I did not pay attention to healthy diet until my mom got sick. That was a wake-up call. I learned that once you get sick, options are limited. Though it may take more time to prepare a meal with vegetables when we are busy paying bills, without health, nothing can be enjoyable.

  2. I was actually doing intermittent fasting but lately, I simply can’t do it. However, I was eating too much processed food and I will try eating it less and I will definitely stop doing intermittent fasting.

    1. I see a point of Intermittent Fasting. In fact, many people in the world fast to follow their laws or rules for food. I think the point is, to rest your stomach once in a while. Eat moderate comes from the similar idea I think. Try not to put too much food in our stomach so that our stomach can focus on digestion and have some time to rest.

  3. Switching from simple, processed foods to natural, organic foods is really important if you want to lose weight and it also helps with other health issues, such as anxiety and hyperactivity in some people.

    1. People today are focused on losing weight yet missing the very simple things. We do not have to do anything extream or hard to continue doing. Just cut off unnecessary fast food if your time allows. And always good to know is that food today is not made the same way as before; lots of food chemicals are used, unfortunately. Therefore, organic is one idea to go for that high pesticide-contaminated food or avoid the riskiest chemicals in food.

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