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How to make a triangle zipper earphones pouch


I used to sew pouches a lot mainly cosmetic pouches with fabric and leather (with regular sewing machines – not recommended lol).

Since I moved to Canada, the first thing I did was going back to college.  I studied interior decorating.

Within the courses what I loved the most was fabrics.  Choosing fabrics by considering colours, patterns and coordinating them all.

After graduating from the course, I got a design consultant position at a custom-blind company.

I enjoyed asking questions to understand the customers’ needs for their rooms including the colours and features of the blinds.

To make the long story short, I love fabrics.

Today, I am going to show you how to make a triangle zipper earphones pouch bag.

This is just so much fun making them!

Here is the instruction.


Triangle Zipper Earphones Pouch – How To Make

What you need:

Basic Material Requirements:
⭐️ Scissors (Rotary Cutter)
⭐️ Rulers
⭐️ Sewing Thread
⭐️ Thread Scissors
⭐️ Pins (or clips)
⭐️ Sewing Machine

⭐️ 4” x 8” Rectangle (Outer Fabric)
⭐️ 4” x 8” Rectangle (Lining Fabric)
⭐️ 4” x 8” Rectangle (Batting)
⭐️ 2” x 4” Rectangle (Tag)

⭐️ 7” Zipper

I buy bulk for zippers as I make them a lot. And they are very cheap.


⭐️ Batting fabric is optional depends on the thickness of the outer/lining fabric. If the fabrics you choose are for patchwork, I recommend having batting sew together with the lining fabric.


Sewing Instruction: (approx. 1 hour)

1) Sew lining fabric to the batting.


2) Lay materials in order: outer fabric → 7” zipper (face down)→ lining fabric (face down), and pin.


3) Sew the edge 1/4” seam allowance.


4) Flip the fabric as shown in the following picture and sew alongside the zipper.


5) Flip the lining fabric over to face down, while zipper face up, and outer fabric faces up. Pin all layers to secure and sew.


6) Open the zipper, flip fabrics and sew the edge of the zipper.


7) Flip inside out again make it flat and sew. Cut the excessive part of the zipper and sew zigzag the edge.


8) Stitch the tag.


9) Insert the tag into the pouch body and sew. Cut the excessive parts of zipper and tag and sew zigzag the edge.


10) Flip and DONE!


The following is mine put the earphones and chapstick (homemade).  I often go to a coffee shop for listening to audio, reading and writing.

So earphones pouch bag is very useful and cute to look at.

Great for a gift, too!


Thank you for checking out!

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